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Why Happy Fish Travel ins the Best Optión for you

Experts with first-hand knowledge: When you book a trip with Happy Fish Travel, you have access to people who have been where you are going. You may deal directly with people who are able to answer your questions. We have professional tour guides with excellent language skills and certifications. Due their high passenger’s volume, some times some guides are not well prepared because the lack of staff. Guides and drivers know the area because they live there, but they lack of the knowledge for a more educational experience in terms of ecology, economy, politics, etc. Many are not real tour guides.
Price: Happy Fish Travel prices are about 20% less than the prices offered on board. Besides this, when you book with us you are supporting a 100% Guatemalan company and your money will support many local families. This is a very important principle for Eco-tourists and responsible travelers.  Over Priced. More expensive. Mostly of the economical benefits are for the transnational company. Just few dollars support the local economy. You support local families. Prices look to be cheaper, but many times they have hidden costs involved. They normally offer the transportation and guide service, but once you are on the tour, they start adding extra services and you end paying more.
No hidden fees: During our tours, you are not requested to pay additional fees or costs. You pay for what is included in the confirmation form. No hidden fees Some times the information is confused and during the tour they ask for extra payments or add additional services not described.
Certifications: HAPPY FISH TRAVEL is a certified travel agency and tour operator by the Guatemala Tourism Institute (INGUAT), Associate Membership of the (FCCA) and Alliance geotouristic Izabal (AGI)  Are certified by CLIA and others. No certifications and lack of legal representation. In case of special situations you are orphan 
Insurance: Happy Fish Travel  is a full insured company. All our buses have a special insurance in case of accidents and we have a Liability Insurance in case of any special situation.  Full insured.  No Liability Insurance. Buses and cars have only the basic mandatory insurance, but this is too small and covers only in case of accident and if you are inside the car. If your accident is during the tour and you are not inside the car, this insurance do not protects you. 
 Small group experience Maximum group size on our land adventures is 22 – guaranteed, unless you travel as part of a group and the leader request a large bus.   Mostly of the tours are operated in large buses (50 passengers). This in order to maximize the economical benefits. Not a personalized experience at all. Mostly of the times small groups. 
Genuine travel
Happy Fish Travel takes you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned. We do not support conveyor-belt tourism, where groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary.   No flexibility. Crowed Tours. No chance to make changes or explore extra the visiting areas. Groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary. Mostly of the times they mix activities and clients have to accept different client’s interests. This can cause some kind of conflicts or you have to wait meantime others take the activity that you are not interested on.
 Sustainable, responsible travel We support a number of development projects in Guatemala, and we make sure you have close contact with local people. During your tour with us, you have an educational and ecological experience. We DO NOT visit venues that not respect the wildlife or lack of environmental policies.
We NEVER stop to people on the road with wildlife species in captivity or tied with chains for the passenger’s show and get a dollar.
 Tours are 100% commercial.
No environmental conscious. They do not support environmental projects in Guatemala. Guides stop to people on the road with wildlife species as a way to increase their tipping.
No environmental conscious. They do not support environmental projects in Guatemala. No respect for wildlife species. Guides stop to people on the road with wildlife species as a way to increase their tipping. 
Transportation Service. Happy Fish Travel offer Deluxe transportation services in all of our tours. Recent vehicles with AC, Mic and cooler (Guarantee). Small, medium and large buses available for your comfort Mostly of the buses good.
However some times they have to use not so good vehicles due the lack of availability due the crowds 
Mostly of the time they use not so good buses and many of them do not have AC or not work properly. Buses are filled at their maximum capacity reducing the comfort and the enjoyment of the tour.
Best Venues & Tours. Happy Fish Travel has selected the best tours and venues at each port in order to guarantee a great experience during the tour with us. That’s why we only offer few options at each port. Due the high demand of tour’s tickets on board, The cruise lines have to include many tour options even when they are not so good. Shore Excursions is one of the most important businesses for a cruise line and for this reason they need to have multiple options. Some of the venues and services are poor in order to reduce the tour’s rate.
Secure credit card bookings & immediate confirmations. When you make a reservation with Happy Fish Travel, we request a full prepayment in order to guarantee a professional service and reserve your spot on the tour with us and with our suppliers. Boat tours, Zip Line, visits to rainforest, etc, are fully confirmed in advance with our suppliers. Payments at the pier is not a professional way to make a booking. Secure bookings.
Some times you have to make long lines for get tickets and some tours are sold out.
Don’t have the way to charge in advance due their lack of legal status and bank’s contracts. They play with the risk of No Shows and you play with the risk of don’t find the operator at the pier. Due they don’t have the guarantee of your participation; they don’t make in advance bookings for the services as boat tour, canopy, etc, and you must make lines meantime the supplier attends the in advance reservations. Payment at the pier is a non professional way to make a booking and do not guarantee the services and its quality.
Refund Policies Full refund if tour is cancelled for weather or ship misses port. This is stated at your confirmation form. Guarantee.  Full refund No comments.
We lack of information. 
Prompt return to the ship before set sail. Happy  Fish Travel guarantee a prompt return to the ship before it sat sail. All our tours are planned to be operated accordingly with the ship’s schedules and they return at least 2 hours before the ship’s departure.   No problem No comments.
We lack of information.